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Potentially, the signalled 2014 end of the historical Treaty settlements process ushers in a new era in Crown-Māori relations. But what will these new relationships look like?

To help stimulate debate, in 2010 we commissioned a set of short papers representing a diversity of viewpoints around five issues. These were:

Issue 1:
How will the Treaty relationship be conceived of in 50 years' time given changing demographics and the lasting effects of the current historical settlements?
Issue 2:
What will be the implications of New Zealand support for the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples?
Issue 3:
Should there be separate Māori representation (seats) in parliament and on local authorities alongside other consultative mechanisms?
Issue 4:
Are iwi in the post-settlement environment on an equal footing after their Treaty settlements, in terms of the types of redress that were on the table and the adherence to relativities at the time of their negotiations? Are settlements 'fair and durable'?
Issue 5:
How will iwi/Crown co-management of resources play out? Are there potential conflicts of interest in iwi being managers, guardians and also developers? And how different is this to the Crown being in all three roles?

Public Involvement

Between mid 2011 and May 2012 we encouraged visitors to this website to leave constructive comments on the papers and enter into debate about the ideas presented in them.